Will my Botox results be better from an MD injector?

Botox can smooth wrinkles and give you natural looking results, but a lot depends on the experience and technique of the injector. Depending on the State in which you live, botox may be administered by a registered nurse, certified nurse assistant, and of course a board certified plastic surgeon, or other medical doctor. But will botox results be better from an MD injector?

The botox injector you choose should be well-qualified and trained, and be able to expertly administer botox. The type of results you get from botox depends onthis, and there are several reasons why an MD injector is likely to give you better results.

  • Administering botox is a specialized procedure that requires intimate knowledge of the facial muscles, and other parts of the anatomy. Since your MD has this expertise they are better able to ensure that botox is injected at the right location, and in the correct quantity.


  • Although botox has proven to be a very safe injectable, complications can arise, and if they do, an MD is in a much better position to handle the situation.


  • Your MD is more likely to have advanced training in the use f botox and other injectables. When carrying out the procedure, they are also likely to have a more artistic eye in recognizing what looks more natural.

When it comes to botox injections, experience counts, and board certified plastic surgeon Kyle Song, MD, of Song Plastic Surgery, has experience and training in a range of aesthetic procedures. Cosmetic treatment is an integral part of the practice at Song Plastic Surgery, so you can be assured that you are in good hands with Dr. Song. Call (949) 701-4454 today to schedule an appointment.