Do Breast Implant Sizers Accurately Demonstrate Final Results of Surgery? Is there a better solution?

Is breast augmentation better done above or below the muscle

If you are considering breast augmentation with implants, choosing your breast implant size, is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Breast implant sizers are useful tools in getting the right size implant, but do breast implant sizers accurately demonstrate final results of surgery? Or is there a better solution?

What are breast implant sizers?
Breast implant sizers are implants that you can try on in the surgeon’s office to help guide your choice regarding breast implant size. The sizers are placed inside the bra, and help to give you some idea of what your breasts will look like with implants of different sizes.

Do breast implant sizers accurately demonstrate final results?
Some surgeons see breast sizers as a helpful way to estimate the final results, as they assist with selecting the implant that is likely to give the aesthetic outcomea patient desires. But could there be something better?

The Illusio Difference
At Song Plastic Surgery, we use the innovative Illusio system to give you an accurate snapshot of what you will look like after breast augmentation.

Illusio is a 3D imaging system that uses cutting-edge technology known as augmented reality. With Illusio, the screen acts as a virtual mirror, because it provides you with a realistic view of how your body would look with different breast shapes and sizes. This makes it easier to decide which breast implant would be right for you.

If you desire to have natural-looking, shapely breasts after breast augmentation, contact Dr. Kyle Song, of Song Plastic Surgery, Irvine, CA. Dr. Song is a skilled and highly experienced plastic surgeon, who will tailor a plan using Illusio to ensure that you achieve your aesthetic goals.   Call 949-701-4454 to schedule a consultation.

Is Voluma the best injectable for lower face rejuvenation?

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Loss of volume in the cheeks can dramatically affect the appearance of your face. However, there are now several injectables on the market that promise to give you back volume. If you would like to regain the cheeks of your youth, Juvederm Voluma is considered a very appropriate solution. It is specially marketed to volumize the cheeks, but is Voluma really the best injectable for lower face rejuvenation.

Volume loss in the lower face
Ageing in the mid-face seems to take place faster than in other parts of the face.  Before you know it the cheeks deflate due to loss of volume, and the jowls gradually start to droop. Saggy, sunken cheeks make you look old, even if you fill in the wrinkles around the mouth. Round, plump cheeks improve the definition of the face, and makes you look younger.

Does Voluma work for the lower face?
Juvederm Voluma is a hyaluronic acid filler that is specially formulated to improve volume loss in the midface. It works instantly to volumize the midface and give the cheeks a slight lift. The results look smooth and natural, and can last for up to 2 years.

Adding volume to the cheeks has the added effect of softening the folds around the mouth, and conveys a more youthful appearance. This will improve the appearance of the lower face, but you may need a combination treatment to get the completelower face rejuvenation you desire.

Contact Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Tupelo, MS, to find out more about Voluma for facial rejuvenation. Dr. Mark Craig will be happy to customize a lower face rejuvenation treatment plan that’s just right for you. Call (662) 377-6290  today for a consultation.