What is facial fat grafting?

Is the fat in your face slowly melting away, leaving your skin droopy and slack? Losing fat from the face can make you look far older than you are. While dermal fillers are a very popular option for restoring volume lost in the mid-face due to aging, facial fat grafting is also a great way to replenish supple, youthful volume to facial hollows.But what is facial fat grafting and how does it work.

What is facial fat grafting?
Facial fat grafting also known as fat transfer, is a minimally invasive procedure that restores facial contours using fat transplanted from other parts of the body. The fat used for fat grafting is typically taken from areas where you have excess body fat, such as the abdomen and flanks.

Fat transfer is an in-office procedure that is done under local anesthesia. Areas that respond well to facial fat grafting include the cheeks, chin, and upper eyelid hollows.

Facial fat grafting is an appealing option to traditional surgery, because it does not require any incisions. Downtime is minimal, but patients can expect to experience some swelling and bruising, which takes about 7-14 days to resolve.

How does it work?
The fat is first harvested from the donor area using a micro-cannula (small tube). The fat is then purified, in order to separate the cells and growth factors that are to be transferred. The fat is then injected into the hollow areas of the face.

If you’d like to restore youthful plumpness to your face, facial fat grafting can give you the lifted, smooth appearance you desire.

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What is a non-invasive solution for skin tightening?

An increasing number of women, and men as well, wishing to tighten and rejuvenate their skin now want to achieve that goal without having to go in for surgery. Fortunately, there are now new skin tightening weapons on the market that are completely non-surgical.  But how do you know what is a really effective non-invasive solution for skin tightening.

Non-invasive skin tightening
Non-invasive skin tightening often involves the use of laser or radio frequency technology to heat and tighten the skin. These procedures are virtually painless, and require little or no recovery time. Non-surgical skin tightening is more effective for individuals with mild to moderate skin laxity.

SkinTyte is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment that uses advanced infrared laser technology to firm the skin, and improve the signs of age. SkinTyte is safe for all skin types, and can be used to tone various parts of the body including the face, neck, arms, and abdomen.

How it works
The SkinTyte laser deep heats the soft tissue, which triggers the skin’s natural healing,and promotes collagen regeneration.Since collagen provides strength and firmness to the skin, collagen renewal helps to tighten things up.

SkinTyte is a comfortable procedure that requires no local anesthetic, and its sapphire contact cooling system enhances safety and patient comfort.

There is no downtime after treatment, so patients can resume their normal routine right away. There is also little risk of any complications.  It typically takes a series of 3-5 SkinTyte treatments to achieve optimal results.

SkinTyte in Newport Beach, CA
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