Why retain a law firm for negotiating and preparing physician-hospital agreements

Physician-hospital agreements are mutually beneficial joint ventures that are meant to enhance patient care, and provide additional revenue for physicians. However, there are various regulatory and business aspects to these collaborative relationships, which both entities need to understand. Therefore physicians should retain a law firm for negotiating and drafting physician-hospital agreements (learn more)

Most physician-hospital contracts (medical directorships) are multifaceted. Physicians are generally required to provide administrative oversight, as well as supervisory duties. These duties often include supervision of non-physician staff, as well as preparing reports and schedules.

In order to avoid potential pitfalls, physicians must be aware of the critical issues relating to compliance with federal and state health care laws. That’s why they should retain experienced legal counsel to prepare, negotiate, and review all the elements of these agreements.

In drafting the physician-hospital agreements, the expertise of the law firm is indispensable. The attorneys will ensure that the requirements of the contract are reasonable, and the physician is adequately compensated for his/her duties and responsibilities. In addition, the firm can overview the compensation arrangements, to make certain that they are structured in strict compliance with federal and state health care laws.

Attorneys can also ensure that the contract has the relevant provisions for medical malpractice insurance. There have been cases in which the medical director is held liable, when cases of professional liability or medical malpractice are brought against a medical entity. Physicians should therefore have adequate protection, as the judicial process can be costly and lengthy.

Nelson Hardiman, LLP, Los Angeles, is a law firm that assists health care providers with the various issues relating to physician-hospital agreements.  They also provide counsel for health care facilities, in determining their medical directorship needs.  Call 310-203-2800 now to speak with an experienced attorney, to assist with this or other health care matters.

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