Are chemical peels safe for sensitive skin?

If your skin is looking lackluster, a chemical peel is a great way to restore its natural glow. However, people with sensitive skin are often wary of chemical peels, because of the possibility of irritation, and there’s nothing wrong with that approach. But if you do have sensitive skin its best to visit an experienced dermatologist and ask this important question – Are chemical peels safe for sensitive skin?

Understanding chemical peels
Chemical peels are effective skin rejuvenation treatments, as they loosen surface debris, and get rid of dead skin cells. Removing those cells, bring vibrant new cells to the surface.

However, they are different types of chemical peels that vary based on the depth of penetration, as well as the concentration of the solutions used. Peels may be light, medium, or deep, and can be high-strength or low-strength, depending on the skin condition, and skin type.

Chemical Peels for sensitive skin
There are certain types of chemical peels that are suitable for delicate, sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, doctors generally recommended light, gentle peels that consist of less irritating substances such as lactic acid (derived from milk), or citric acid.

People with sensitive skin are generally advised to avoid deep chemical peels, as they may not be well tolerated, and could trigger a reaction.

Do you have sensitive skin, and would like to have a chemical peel done? Be sure to consult with a board-certified dermatologist.

Clients in the Chicago area can contact Skin Care Center for a consultation. We will make certain to select the right peel for your skin type.

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