What is the Down Time for Non-Surgical “Eye Rejuvenation” Procedures?

Aging eyes are one of the chief complaints people desiring cosmetic surgery have, and their greatest wish is to get rid of their tired eyes and freshen up their look. Eye surgery is often recommended, but people who are hesitant about surgery sometimes choose non-surgical alternatives because of the shorter downtime.   So let’s find out what is the downtime for non-surgical ‘eye rejuvenation’ procedures?

Non-surgical options for eye rejuvenation include laser treatment, injectables, and topical solutions.

  • Laser treatment is particularly effective for resurfacing and tightening the skin around the eyes. Lasers can be used to tighten bags under the eyes, diminish crow’s feet, and also to contour the eyelids and brows. It typically takes 3 to 6 treatments to achieve the best results.
  • Injectables such as botox and dysport are also used to soften wrinkles around the eyes. There are also hyaluronic fillers that can volumize the eye-cheek intersection, and treat tear troughs.
  • Topical solutions formulated with ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins E, A, and C, are particularly effective in minimizing crow’s feet, and eliminating dark circles beneath the eyes.

These non-invasive alternatives have grown increasingly popular because they require no anaesthesia, and also have minimal to no downtime. Patients are therefore able to resume normal activities immediately after treatment. In cases where there is minor swelling or bruising, these symptoms usually resolve very quickly.

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