Fort Lauderdale Presbyopia Treatment Options

If you have difficulty reading fine print with your eyeglasses, then you may have presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition that affects large portions of the over 40 population, and is characterized by blurry vision. Due to its prevalence in Fort Lauderdale and other cities, there are many eye patients in need of presbyopia treatment.

About Presbyopia
Presbyopia is an age related condition in which the eye loses the ability to focus on nearby objects, but can see things at a distance clearly. Symptoms include blurry vision when viewing things close up, in addition to headaches, eye stress, and fatigue.

The symptoms of presbyopia often begin around the age of 40. The condition occurs because as time passes, the lens of the eye becomes less flexible, and is unable to change shape as required.

Eyeglasses are normally used to correct presbyopia. The ophthalmologist may recommend reading glasses or bifocals. Reading glasses are used only when close up work is needed. Bifocal lenses have two points of focus, so they can be used for both near and distance vision.

Progressive addition lenses (PALs) are another popular treatment option for presbyopia. PALs are a lot like bifocal lenses, but they do not have the visible line like traditional bifocals. During consultation with your ophthalmologist, he will determine which type of progressive lens is most suitable for your needs.

Although progressive lenses are a very effective way to correct presbyopia, there are also a number of refractive surgical options available.  Surgery is especially attractive for people who would like to enjoy life, and would rather not have to take reading glasses around with them.

If you live in Fort Lauderdale and would like to learn more about presbyopia treatment, contact Dr. Michael Loeffler at the Center for Ophthalmology and Laser Surgery Center, Lighthouse Point, Fl. Please give them a call today at 954-786-5353.

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