How soon can I return to normal activities after lipo?

As more people look for ways to achieve the ‘perfect body,’ liposuction for body contouring remains as popular as ever. Recovery is an important concern for patients that do the procedure, so they often ask their physician, – “How soon can I return to normal activities after lipo?” While there are some general guidelines regarding recovery after lipo, patients are always advised to follow the advice of their plastic surgeon regarding post-op care.

Resuming normal activities after Lipo
The speed at which you can return to normal activities after lipo depends a lot on the type of liposuction performed. With traditional lipo, recovery can take anywhere from 3-7 days. There is usually some swelling, soreness, and bruising, and return to normal activities can take up to 3 weeks.

However, with the emergence of modern liposuction techniques like SmartLipo, recovery time is much less. SmartLipo is a revolutionary lipo laser treatment that melts away fat. This method of fat removal is less traumatic than traditional lipo, and consequently the downtime is also less.

The recovery period from SmartLipo varies, as it is influenced by the amount of fat that is removed. In instances where there is only a small area being treated, patients may need only one day for recovery. However for larger areas, patients may need about 5 days of rest.Light activities can be resumed thereafter.

After SmartLipo, patients are given pain medications to deal with any discomfort, and they are also asked to wear compression garments. Compression garments help to minimize swelling, and also improve lipo results.

SmartLipo is available at Awaken Aesthetics, Torrance, California. Call 310-791-2233 today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Alex Liu, or Dr. Mike Sheu. During consultation, Drs. Liu and Sheu will let you know how soon you can return to normal activities after lipo.

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