Little Rock Spider Vein Removal – Treatment Choices

Spider veins are a serious body challenge for many individuals, and they are often difficult to disguise. If you are struggling with spider veins, then there is good news for you, because in Little Rock there are several spider vein removal options available. Although spider veins are a milder form of the notorious varicose veins they can be just as bothersome, so removing them is also a priority for many people. So what exactly are spider veins, and how can they be treated?

About Spider Veins

Spider veins are web-like network of blood vessels, and are a clear sign of trouble in the body’s venous system. They are usually red, blue, or purplish in color, and often appear on the arms, legs, as well as the face. There are several factors that can contribute to the development of spider veins, these include standing for long periods, aging, and obesity. Hormonal fluctuations are also thought to be a risk factor.

When these veins are working correctly, they transport blood around the body. However, there are times when the vein walls become weak, causing the vein to become enlarged. As a result, the blood collects inside of the vein rather than flowing out as it should.

Spider Vein treatment

Sclerotherapy is a method used by doctors in Little Rock for spider vein removal. This is a simple, relatively painless procedure that is performed in your physician’s office. It involves the injection of a special solution into the veins. The solution irritates the walls of vein, causing it to close off and collapse.

Laser therapy is another treatment that has been utilized to combat spider veins. In particular the Harmony XL laser by Alma Lasers is a very efficient option. The high energy from the laser targets the vein, and the blood within the vein absorbs the light energy. This causes the vein to heat up, and it then collapses and soon dissolves.

Laser treatment for spider veins is very safe, and there are generally no complications. It takes about 2 to 4 treatments to clear the spider vein.  After treatment the vein will disappear from view in about 3-4 weeks.

Most patients in Little Rock are very happy with the result of their spider vein removal laser treatment. So if the presence of spider veins makes you feel self-conscious about exposing your legs, then ask your doctor about the options available to treat them.

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