Painless wart removal treatments options that work

Warts can grow just about anywhere on the body, and they are often difficult to treat.Over-the-counter medicines are the usual treatment for warts, but stubborn warts require stronger healing options. In this regard, dermatologists often recommend Cyrotherapy (freezing the wart), as well as laser treatment.

What are warts?Warts are small raised growths on the skin that are usually round or oval in shape. They are caused by a virus and although they are relatively harmless, they are sometimes painful.

Some of the common treatment options for warts include:

  • Liquid nitrogen Cyrotherapy: This option involves the use of a freeze spray that contains liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen freezes the blood vessels that feed the wart, and because they are no longer receiving any blood they eventually die. After treatment the wart will be raised, and a blister will develop.  It usually takes 1 to 4 sessions to completely get rid of the wart.


  • Vbeam Laser: The Vbeam laser is a pulsed dye laser that is very safe and easy to use. The laser is used to eliminate stubborn warts on the face and body. The Vbeam emits a short burst of light energy which targets the warts. The heat energy works to reduce the blood vessels surrounding the warts, and also destroys the infected skin cells.

The Vbeam laser therapy is a painless wart removal treatment, as patients only report feeling only minor discomfort during the process. Side effects linked to the use of this laser are very rare, and there no recovery time is necessary.

At the Skin Care Center in Chicago, IL, these and other painless wart removal treatments are available.  If you have a wart that needs to be removed, then you can contact their office for further information.

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