How Posture Pump Can Relieve Neck Disc Pressure

Poor posture can be harmful to the health of your neck.  It can also make your shoulders ache and your back hurt.  Poor posture can lead to the compression of the joints of the neck, which causes the natural disc fluid to leak out. As a result, the neck becomes very stiff, anddoes not rotate easily.  However you can relieve neck disc pressure by restoring neck disc lubrication.

Forward Head Posture creates disc pressure
Neck disc pressure is often caused by improper posture; forward head posture (FHP)in particular can affect both the neck and the lower spine. FHP is a position in which the head is forward of the shoulders, and the shoulders stoop.

The pull caused by the forward position of the head puts stress on the vertebrae in the lower neck, and contributes to wear and tear over time. This deterioration occurs because the undue pressure forces out the normal disc fluid, making the disc   rigid. It therefore becomes necessary to relieve the neck disc pressure, in order to restore free movement and flexibility.  That’s where the Posture Pump can help.

Posture Pump
The Posture Pump Disc Hydrator is a device that is used to hydrate the spine. The device fits snugly around the neck and head, and slowly lifts and separates the joints of the neck and spine. It does this by releasing a pressurized pillow of air that expands the joints, and eases the pressure on the neck discs. As the joints are expanded, fluid is pulled into the spine, and this helps to improve the lubrication of the joints.

The Posture Pump can relieve neck disc pressure, because it curves the spine back to its normal position. If you need more information on the Posture Pump, then visit them at

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