What to expect with Rhinoplasty revision Orange County

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that is done for aesthetic reasons, as well as to correct structural problems with the nose. However, there are times when there is a problem with the form or function of the nose after surgery, so the desired outcome is not achieved. When this occurs, rhinoplasty revision may be necessary.  Plastic surgeons perform a large number of these procedures each year.

Who Should You Consider Revision Rhinoplasty?

If you’ve had a nose job but the results are not what you had anticipated, then rhinoplasty revision may be right for you. If you want to improve the results of a previous rhinoplasty and have realistic expectations of what the revision will accomplish, then you may also be a good candidate for rhinoplasty revision.

Revision Rhinoplasty Overview

If you’ve already had a nose job that you were not happy with, then it is important that you discuss your expectations of the surgery with your plastic surgeon. The surgeon will do a pre-op evaluation to arrive at a nose shape that will best achieve overall facial balance.

Revision rhinoplasty is generally performed in the surgeon’s outpatient facility, under local or general anesthesia. Surgeons make incisions that separate the skin, from the bone and cartilage below. During surgery, the cartilage may be repositioned in order to achieve the desired shape. Surgery will typically take more than 2 hours.

The procedure is usually less painful than a primary rhinoplasty, but patients can expect to experience some discomfort after the operation. If the surgery is done using the closed rhinoplasty technique in which incisions are made only inside the nose, then no scars will be visible.

If you had a nose job that you were not pleased with, then rhinoplasty revision may be the right procedure for you. Contact your plastic surgeon in Newport Beach for consultation.

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