What is the Most Popular Non-Invasive Aesthetic Procedure for Men?

Men are becoming more open about getting cosmetic procedures, and they no longer shy away from treatments that reverse the signs of age, especially non-surgical ones. But what is the most popular non-invasive aesthetic procedure for men. Is it dermal fillers, chemical peels, or botox? Let’s find out.

Why Men Prefer Non-Surgical Procedures

Men prefer non-surgical procedures because they are fast, convenient, and the downtime is minimal. This allows them to return to normal activities immediately after the procedure. In addition, non-surgical procedures are far less expensive, and produce natural-looking results.

The Most Popular Non-Surgical Procedure for Men

Research carried out by the American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery in 2013, indicated that there had been a significant jump in the number of non-surgical procedures requested by men. Botox took the number one spot. Botox has become very popular among men, and they have even coined a new phrase for it – ‘brotox.’

Why Men Use Botox

Men use botox to get rid of wrinkles across the forehead, as well as the deep furrows they often develop between the brows. Botox relaxes the muscles, and this makes the wrinkles and furrows diminish over time.

Men that have used botox say it makes them look and feel better, and also gives them the competitive edge they need on the job.

The side effects with botox are negligible and usually resolve quickly, they usually include minor swelling and bruising, as well as redness. This is another reason why the procedure is so attractive to men.

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