Where does the fat come from for facial fat injections?

Is your face starting to lose its full, perky appearance? Facial fat injections can restore fullness to the facial tissues and combat volume loss. The results gained with facial fat injections are long-lasting and look very natural. But where does the fat come from for facial fat injections?

Facial Fat Injections

Facial fat injections also known as the facial fat transfer is a process in which small amounts of a patient’s fat cells are taken from another part of the body, and used to add volume to specific parts of the face. Facial fat injections enhance volume, improve contours, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Where does the fat come from for facial fat injections?

The fat used for facial fat injections is taken from those regions of the body that have excess fat. The abdomen and love handles are the most common donor areas.

The fat cells are harvested using a micro-liposuction technique and are then processed and purified, before being transferred to the face. In order to ensure a reliable level of graft take, the fat must be carefully harvested, and the correct technique must be used to inject the harvested fat cells into the recipient site. Once the fat cells are transferred to the new site, they must establish a new blood supply to survive.

Facial fat transfer is a low-risk procedure because it uses the patient’s own fat.

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