Why and how poor posture can cause neck and back pain

Proper posture not only looks great, but it also contributes to good health. Many people don’t appreciate the importance of good posture, yet it plays such a vital role in the health of the neck, and spinal tissue. People with neck and back pain often seek solutions in all the wrong places, because they don’t understand why or how poor posture can cause neck and back pain.

Understanding good posture

Good posture is about the body being in proper alignment and position. That means the natural shape of the neck and spine are kept, resulting in good body form, and minimal stress on the muscles and ligaments. That form should be maintained whether you are standing, sitting, or driving. This will allow the muscles to work efficiently, and cause less wear and tear on the muscular and vascular systems.

Improper posture and your health

Habits such as bending the head down or bending the neck backward, can interfere with the normal shape of the spine. These are all elements of improper posture. Poor posture can lead to general fatigue, and more importantly, it causes neck and back pain.

Once the spine is moved out of shape, there is going to be excess stress on the muscles of the neck. Forward head posture or FHP is a common position that shifts the body out of alignment, as it pushes the head in front of the shoulders. If the stressful situation continues, you will eventually start experiencing pain in both the neck and back.

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