Zap Unwanted Fat Away with a Miami Zerona Treatment

The future of liposuction is here, and it’s known as the Zerona laser. If you have stubborn belly fat or fat in the thighs, that won’t seem to go away, then don’t hesitate to ask your Miami plastic surgeon about zerona laser treatment. It’s fast, super effective, painless, and the results can last a long time.

Body contouring using laser technology has become a popular alternative to invasive procedures like traditional liposuction. Zerona is a high-tech laser that can whip your body into shape in a short time.

More Americans are choosing to undergo body reshaping procedures, in order to complement facial rejuvenation. As the population has become gradually more focused on achieving a well-toned body, there has been a rise in the number of body contouring laser options. This has made treatments more accessible to the general population, as well as more affordable.

Zerona is the ideal solution for individuals who have found it impossible to get rid of small areas of fat, despite efforts at dieting and exercise. The Zerona can help you trim stubborn fat in areas like the thighs, abdomen, and upper arms, while losing inches at the same time. Zerona is a quick, virtually pain free body sculpting solution that has minimal downtime.

The results that you get with Zerona will look so natural, that your friends will probably be wondering what is different about you. It is a less invasive way to enhance your body and get rid of excess fat, so that you can have a smoother body and more defined contours.

Zerona Laser Treatment

The Zerona laser is quite safe, and the laser been approved by the FDA. Treatment sessions are comfortable, and take between 20 to 45 minutes. Typically, it takes 3 to 5 sessions to slim those problem areas, but this may vary depending on your body type and weight.

The laser is applied to the specific areas being targeted, and penetrates the fat cells, causing the fat to liquefy and drain. This has the effect of making the fat cells smaller. The liquid is then flushed out by the body’s lymphatic system.

The results of a zerona laser treatment can remain with you for a long time, but it’s going to require that you pursue and stick with a healthy lifestyle. That means eating the right foods and maintaining a regular exercise regimen.  The procedure is therefore not recommended for obese individuals, as it is not a weight loss alternative. Ask your plastic surgeon in Miami about zerona body contouring treatment.

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