Can botox be used to treat headaches?

If you suffer from chronic headaches, and you’ve tried a variety of remedies but nothing seems to work, you may want to give botox a try. However, since botox is better known for its wrinkle smoothing properties, you may be wondering – Can botox be used to treat headaches.

What is botox?

Botox or botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. When used in small doses, botox temporarily relaxes the muscles, and limits muscle contractions. Botox is regularly used to soften moderate to severe wrinkles on the forehead and at the corner of the eyes. It also treats muscle spasms and certain eye disorders.

Can botox be used to treat headaches?

Yes, botox was approved by the FDA in 2010 for treating chronic migraine headaches in adults. The effectiveness of botox for migraines was recognized by doctors when patients being treated with botox for other reasons, reported an improvement in headaches.

How botox helps migraines

Botox treatment for migraines consists of a series of injections made into specific areas of the head and neck. Botox blocks the release of chemicals from the nerves that would trigger pain networks in the brain. This prevents migraines from occurring.

People with chronic migraines typically have 15 or more headache days per month. After botox treatment, patients experience up to 50% reduction in the number of days they have a headache each month.

How long does botox last?

The effects of botox usually last 10-12 weeks.

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