Arm Lift

Deciding whether to do an Arm Lift vs Liposuction

If you have super flabby arms that are simply out of proportion to the rest of your body, then you may have to turn to surgery for help. An arm lift is typically recommended in these cases, but liposuction is also an option.¬† The decision to go with an arm lift vs liposuction to sculpt […]

When is Arm Lift Surgery Done Without Liposuction

If you have ever waved hello to someone and your arm waved back at you, ¬†chances are you may need an arm lift. Excess weight loss often leads to loose sagging skin all over the body, including the upper arm. However, arm lift surgery can get those arms tight and taut again. In cases where […]

Procedures for Removing Excess Skin

In these days when obesity is such a big problem in the US, it is always commendable when someone who is overweight makes the decision to make healthier eating choices, and commits to weight loss. However, that decision, and the subsequent shedding of pounds, has the ripple effect of leaving behind skin that needs to […]

Longing for Great Looking Arms? Then Get a Miami Arm Lift

If you have loose sagging skin in the region of the upper arm, then you may be a good candidate for brachioplasty, commonly known as an arm lift. Plastic surgeons in Miami perform arm lift surgery to remove excess skin associated with flabby upper arms. Flabby upper arms are usually a problem after significant weight […]