Buttocks Augmentation With Fat Transfer Can Give You A Curvy Butt

Buttocks Augmentation with fat transfer

More American women are now desiring curvy, shapelier butts, and this has fueled a demand for butt augmentation. In particular, butt augmentation with fat transfer has become the most sought after option, because it uses the patient’s own fat to ‘fill in’ and lift the derriere. This procedure is known as the ‘Brazilian butt lift.’

Why is the Brazilian butt lift so popular?

  • There is less chance of an infection because it uses your own fat and not a foreign object, as in the case of buttock implants.


  • It gives a very sculpted look, by adding volume to small, flat buttocks.


  • Itproduces natural looking results, as the butt is only filled with body fat. Consequently, the buttock does not look or feel artificial, as often occurs with butt implants.


  • Removing fat from another part of the body helps to improve the overall figure.

What’s Involved

Fat is harvested from one area of the body such as the abdomen or thighs, and then transferred to selected areas of the buttocks, to create the desired lift. After the fat is extracted, it is purified before being re-injected into the buttocks at varying depths. This is done to ensure that spaces are filled in, and the butt has a smooth, contoured appearance after the procedure.

Candidates for butt augmentation with fat transfer should have the necessary excess fat needed to complete the procedure successfully. The results of the butt lift should last for a long time; however patients should be aware that some of the fat, typically about 20-25%, will be re-absorbed.

For more information about buttock augmentation with fat transfer surgery you can contact Dr. Adam Rubinstein in Miami, Florida. Dr. Rubinstein is a very experienced and skilledplastic surgeon, and you can contact his office for a private consultation.