How Much Do Implants Cost?

How Much Do Implants Cost?

Breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed in the US. However, the operation is not normally covered by health insurance, so patients have to be aware of the different cost components, and the cost of the implants is one of the most important factors. So how much do breast implants cost.

Cost considerations in breast augmentation surgery
The cost of breast augmentation is influenced by various factors including the surgeon’s fees, operating room fees, anesthesia fees, and of course, the cost of implants.

How much do breast implants cost
Breast implants are available in a variety of sizes, textures, and shapes. The two most common types are saline and silicone implants. Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water, and are generally cheaper than silicone implants, which are filled with silicone gel. Both implants have a solid silicone outer shell.

Saline breast implants cost an average of $800-$900 per pair, while silicone implants cost approximately $1,800-$1,900. However, there can be significant variations in cost, depending on the location of the practice (learn more).

The price of silicone implants also differ, as advanced options such as the cohesive silicone gel implants are generally more costly.

Another factor that will influence the price of implants is the shape. Tear drop shaped implants are typically more expensive than the traditional round implants.

When undergoing breast augmentation, patients should be sure to choose implants that are the right size and fit for their figure, so cost should not be the determining factor.

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Do Breast Implant Sizers Accurately Demonstrate Final Results of Surgery? Is there a better solution?

Is breast augmentation better done above or below the muscle

If you are considering breast augmentation with implants, choosing your breast implant size, is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Breast implant sizers are useful tools in getting the right size implant, but do breast implant sizers accurately demonstrate final results of surgery? Or is there a better solution?

What are breast implant sizers?
Breast implant sizers are implants that you can try on in the surgeon’s office to help guide your choice regarding breast implant size. The sizers are placed inside the bra, and help to give you some idea of what your breasts will look like with implants of different sizes.

Do breast implant sizers accurately demonstrate final results?
Some surgeons see breast sizers as a helpful way to estimate the final results, as they assist with selecting the implant that is likely to give the aesthetic outcomea patient desires. But could there be something better?

The Illusio Difference
At Song Plastic Surgery, we use the innovative Illusio system to give you an accurate snapshot of what you will look like after breast augmentation.

Illusio is a 3D imaging system that uses cutting-edge technology known as augmented reality. With Illusio, the screen acts as a virtual mirror, because it provides you with a realistic view of how your body would look with different breast shapes and sizes. This makes it easier to decide which breast implant would be right for you.

If you desire to have natural-looking, shapely breasts after breast augmentation, contact Dr. Kyle Song, of Song Plastic Surgery, Irvine, CA. Dr. Song is a skilled and highly experienced plastic surgeon, who will tailor a plan using Illusio to ensure that you achieve your aesthetic goals.   Call 949-701-4454 to schedule a consultation.

What are the causes of capsular contracture?

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The elation some women feel after undergoing breast augmentation often turns to frustration in a few short months because of capsular contracture. Capsular contracture refers to the hardening of the capsule that surrounds the breast implant. It is one of most common side effects of breast augmentation. But what are the causes of capsular contracture, and how can it be prevented?

Causes of capsular contracture
It is generally believed that capsular contracture is caused by low grade bacteria. The bacteria may adhere to the implant from the patient’s skin, or from the nipple duct. There is often a great deal of contact between the implant and the skin, as the surgeon has to manipulate the pre-filled gel implant into the prepared implant pocket through a small incision. During the process the potential for contamination is great.

There is also a theory that capsular contracture is caused by the implant coming in contact with blood in the implant pocket. The best surgeons therefore adopt good surgical techniques that minimize bleeding around the implants.

Preventing Capsular Contracture
There is always going to be the risk of capsular contracture after breast enhancement, but the threat can be reduced by:

  • Minimizing contact with the breast implant. Due care should be taken when removing the breast implant from the sterile packaging and inserting it into the prepared breast pocket during surgery. Some surgeons use a Keller Funnel (sterile paper funnel) for this purpose. The implant goes directly from the packaging into the implant pocket via the funnel. There is no contact with the surface of the skin.
  • Irrigating the implant pocket with antibiotic solution during surgery.
  • Placing the implant below the pectoralis major muscle (submuscular placement).

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Silicone vs. saline, which type of implants is right if I am active?

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Many women undergo breast augmentation to boost their confidence, and feel better about their appearance. They often have to ask themselves several questions in the process, including whether to choose silicone vs saline breast implants, and which type of implants is right if I am active (click here)?

While there doesn’t seem to be universal agreement regarding the best implants for active women, there are some important considerations such as the size and placement of the breast implants.

Active women should therefore consider the following.

  • Size of the breast implant: Be sure to choose an implant that is compatible with your body size. Active women should avoid very large breast implants, as they are likely to hinder participation in sports. Women with breast implants, who frequently engage in high impact exercise such as running, often find that the weight of the larger implants causes the lower pole of the breasts to stretch as time passes.


  • Placement of the breast implant: Placement under the pectoral muscle is usually recommended. Subpectoral (below the pectoral muscles) and Subglandular (below the glandular tissue, but above the pectorals), are the 2 options for the placement of breast implants. The subpectoral position creates a more natural looking appearance, especially for women with very little natural breast tissue, and is often preferred for women with active lifestyles.

If you are athletic and active, and would like to get a successful outcome with breast augmentation, discuss the different options with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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What to do if something happens to your breast implants?

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The self-confidence and satisfaction some women feel after breast augmentation is often shattered when something goes wrong with the breast implants. So if you are contemplating breast augmentation, be sure to ask your surgeon about any possible complications, so that you know what to do if something happens to your breast implants.

What to do about Breast Implant Complications

The rupture of the breast implants and capsular contracture, are among the most common breast implant complications.

When saline breast implants rupture there is a noticeable difference in the shape and size of the breast, as the saline leaks quickly, and the breast deflates. The saline is absorbed by the body, but this does not usually cause any complications.

A ruptured silicone breast implant is not as easily detected, as most times there are no obvious signs. In some cases the gel remains within the layer of scar tissue that often forms around the implants. However, the silicone can also drain to other parts of the body, so it’s important to have it removed as soon as the rupture has been confirmed. An MRI scan is usually done to verify a ruptured silicone breast implant.

If you suspect that your silicone breast implant has torn, consult your plastic surgeon immediately, so that an MRI can be done to rule out or confirm it. The implant can then be removed.

Capsular contracture is another complication that may arise with breast implants. It refers to the thickening of the scar tissue that surrounds the implant. The condition normally requires surgical correction to remove the capsule.

If you’d like to learn more about what to do if something happens to your breast implants, contact Dr. Sean Doherty in Concord, MA. Dr. Doherty also serves patients in the greater Boston area. Call 978-369-4499 for a consultation.

Difference Between Silicone or Saline Breast Implants

How to Choose Silicone or Saline Breast Implants

Implant sizing and the choice of implants are the most important decisions women considering breast augmentation have to make. Silicone implants are the most popular type, but women must understand how to choose between silicone or saline breast implants.

Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone breast implants have a silicone outer shell, and are filled with silicone gel. They are the preferred option for breast enhancement surgery in the US for several reasons. Women like the fact that they are soft, and feel a lot like the natural breast tissue. In addition, silicone implants don’t ripple or tear easily when compared to their saline counterparts.

One important drawback with silicone implants is the fact that they don’t deflate when they rupture. This is referred to as a ‘silent rupture, since there are no signs or symptoms to indicate that there is a problem.

Saline Breast Implants

Saline implants also have some advantages. These implants are filled at the time of implantation, and therefore require a smaller incision for insertion. This adjustability gives women more volume choices.  Saline implants deflate when they rupture, and the saline is absorbed by the body without any side-effects.

Unlike silicone implants, saline implants are very easy to detect by touch and feel, especially in slender women with a small amount of natural breast tissue.

These are some of the factors to consider, when trying to decide how to choose between silicone, or saline breast implants. Women should discuss the pros and cons with their plastic surgeon, and then made a decision based on their aesthetic goals.

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The best solutions for breast implant rippling

Will Nipple Reduction Surgery Scars Be Visible

Even women with the most beautiful breasts may have rippling after breast augmentation, just take a look at some of the celebrities on the red carpet if you need convincing. While some amount of rippling is expected, it is not a problem for women with an adequate covering of breast tissue. For women that don’t have this buffer, the ripples show through the skin, so they have to find solutions for breast implant rippling.

What is breast implant rippling? It refers to the creases and wrinkles that sometimes show up on the bottom and sides of breast implants.

Causes of breast implant rippling

If there is not enough soft tissue and breast tissue over the breast implants, then rippling may occur after breast augmentation. It may also result from weight loss, or deflation of the breasts. Saline implants typically ripple more than their silicone counterparts. For this reason, smaller silicone implants are recommended for women with thin skin, because there is an increased risk of rippling at the sides when implants are overfilled.

Solutions of breast implant rippling

There are several surgical solutions that can be used for breast implant rippling. However the option chosen will depend on the specific case, as well as the type and placement of the implants.


  • May require a change in the location of the breast implant. In cases where the implant was placed above the muscle, they may have to be repositioned below the muscle.
  • If the implants are saline, then they may have to be replaced with silicone implants.
  • The use of acellular dermal matrix graft to improve coverage.

If you have signs of creases in your implants and would like solutions for breast implant rippling, then contact experienced plastic surgeons Dr David Dorfman and Dr Kyle Song for a consultation. South Coast Plastic Surgery is located in Irvine, CA. (Orange County) . Visit their website at .

Male breast reduction surgery for the treatment of gynecomastia

What are the best laser hair removal treatments for male back hair

Some men are affected by overdeveloped breasts, a condition that is referred to as gynecomastia. Excess body fat in the chest is a problem that some men find very embarrassing, and they often go all out to get it treated. Male breast reduction surgery is usually performed to alleviate gynecomastia.

About Gynecomastia
The extra fatty tissue that some men have in the chest area is often due to overactive hormones during puberty. During these years a hormonal imbalance may occur, due to the rapid growth of breast tissue. However, if the situation does not resolve in a year or two it can persist into adulthood. Gynecomastia may be due to excess fat,excess glandular tissue, or both.

Male breast reduction surgery is usually performed to correct gynecomastia, but the approach used will depend on the underlying cause of the condition. In cases where gynecomastia is due primarily to fat, liposuction is done to remove the excess breast fat.

Liposuction for fat removal

  • Liposuction is typically performed under general anesthesia, and involves the use of a cannula, which is a small tube. The cannula is attached to a medical suction and is inserted via tiny incisions. The cannula is moved around in order to break up the fat deposits, the loose fat is then suctioned.


  • If gynecomastia is due mainly to glandular tissue, then excision is used to remove the tissue. In this instance an incision is made along the edge of the areola, and then the tissue is removed.

Recovery time for liposuction ranges from 5 to 7 days, but in the case of excision, recovery can take up to 2 weeks.

Dr. Sean Doherty of Boston Plastic Surgery Associates in Concord, MA,is a skilled surgeon that performs cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures, including male breast reduction surgery. If you are considering breast reduction then contact their office for a consultation.

Irvine Shaped Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed today. Breast shape and size is often negatively impacted by weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and aging, leaving some women unhappy with the appearance of their breasts. As a result, women in Irvine and other cities across the US opt to undergo breast augmentation, and an increasing number of plastic surgeons are choosing shaped breast implants.

Breast augmentation is designed to increase the breast size, and this is usually done with the use of implants. These implants are usually round or tear-shaped.

Round Implants

Round implants have traditionally been used for breast augmentation. They are available in different profiles, with the choice depending on the desired outcome. Round implants are circular in shape, and tend to give the upper part of the breast a fuller appearance. These have been favored by plastic surgeons because they don’t wrinkle easily, as do the shaped implants which have a textured outer shell. In addition, if these implants rotate, it does not affect the shape of the breasts.

Shaped Implants

Shaped or anatomical breast implants provide a well-needed alternative to round shaped breast implants. The anatomical implants slope downward, creating a similar look to the normal breast. For this reason, the breasts appear quite natural after the procedure. Anatomical implants have a textured shell and are usually silicone-filled. The silicone gel is thick and sticky and soft to the touch. Shaped implants need to be precisely positioned; therefore surgery should be performed by a surgeon with the necessary skill.

Women desiring to undergo breast augmentation should do the necessary research about these implants, and also consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. If you are looking to increase breast volume and want to create a natural outcome, then ask your Irvine surgeon about shaped breast implants.

Why an Accredited Outpatient Surgery Center is Critical

If you are contemplating doing cosmetic plastic surgery in Orange County, there are a range of options open to you. However before deciding on the procedure you’d like done, it is important to understand what the surgery is all about, as well as the risks involved. Another very important consideration is the facility at which surgery will be performed.

Ideally, you should opt to have surgery done at an accredited outpatient surgery center. Preferably one that has the services of an anesthesiologist, rather than a certified nurse anesthetist. These are some of the factors that can ensure you safety, as well as the quality of the cosmetic procedure being performed.

Here are some other things to remember if you are considering cosmetic surgery:

  • The facility should be an accredited outpatient surgery center. Some cosmetic surgery centers make much of the fact that they are located in close proximity to a hospital, but if the facility is not accredited then don’t let that influence your decision. However, if the center has received the endorsement of a leading body, and is also recognized for its safety and high quality care, then that is a good option for you.
  • Opt for a facility that has an anesthesiologist rather than a certified nurse anesthetist. An anesthesiologist is known for providing high quality of care, and has the necessary training to deal with complications that may arise during the surgery. This is not to say that the certified nurse anesthetist does not provide quality care, but because the anesthesiologist is a physician, he is exposed to more comprehensive training.
  • Know what to expect going in. Speak to your cosmetic surgeon and anesthesiologist, so that you know what to expect in terms of the procedure, recovery time, as well as possible risks and complications. The surgeon will also determine if you are in good health, and are a good candidate for the procedure you wish to do.

If you reside in the Orange County Area and wish to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure, then contact Kyle Song, M.D. of Song Plastic Surgery in Irvine, California for your consultation.