Will Nipple Reduction Surgery Scars Be Visible?

Will Nipple Reduction Surgery Scars Be Visible

Some women with overly large or hanging nipples choose to have nipple reduction surgery to make the nipples less prominent. Although it is a relatively simple procedure there will be scars, and this is often a concern for women contemplating this type of surgery. Therefore one of the questions they often ask their plastic surgeon is – Will nipple reduction surgery scars be visible?

Nipple Reduction Surgery

Surgery is typically done to make large nipples shorter and narrower.The procedure involves the removal of excess tissue from around the nipple. The center of the nipple is left intact, in order to ensure that the relevant ducts and nerves are preserved.

Nipple reduction surgery is usually done on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. Recovery takes 1-2 weeks.

Will surgery scars be visible?

Scars are generally not easily seen after nipple reduction surgery. However, how well the scar heals is often influenced by the technique used to perform surgery, in addition to the quality and color of your skin.

The incision for surgery is usually made at the base of the nipple, and then a ring of skin is removed from the area. In most cases the scar from nipple reduction surgery heals very well, and will fade significantly as time passes. Please be sure to discuss any concerns you may have about scarring, with your plastic surgeon.

Are you a good candidate

If you are in good health, and have nipples that are long and large that make you feel insecure about your body, nipple reduction surgery may be the right option for you.

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