The exciting new ‘fill & finish’ procedure can give you a youthful look

A growing number of men and women are choosing minimally invasive anti-aging treatments, in the battle against aging. So it’s not surprising that there are a variety of options now available, including the ‘fill and finish’ procedure. The exciting new ‘fill and finish’ procedure is an innovative technique used to replace lost facial volume, and […]

Benefits of a Liquid Facelift in Memphis

If you would like to achieve the results of a traditional facelift, but shudder at the thought of scalpels and scars, then ask your plastic surgeon about a liquid facelift. The procedure is becoming increasingly popular in Memphis, as more men and women there desire non-surgical cosmetic options. A liquid facelift is the ideal solution […]

A Non-Surgical Face Lift Can Help You Look Your Best

For some people, the idea of having a non-surgical face lift almost sounds too good to be true. But it is a real procedure, and it does work. These non-invasive options have become popular, because some people simply don’t think that going under the knife is fun. In fact, some of them consider it risky, […]