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Liposuction has traditionally been the method used to contour the body, and get rid of pockets of unwanted fat. However, traditional lipo is a very invasive procedure that causes lots of bruising, and has a long recovery time. Laser lipo on the other hand, is less invasive, which makes recovery time shorter. Best of all, it tightens the skin, creating more impressive, natural looking results.

Why Choose Smart Lipo
LaserLipo (Smart Lipo), is the ideal remedy for pockets of stubborn fat that don’t seem to shift, even with a healthy and lots of exercise. The cannula used in the Smart lipo is much smaller than others used in similar techniques, and as a result, the incisions are smaller.

The procedure
Smart Lipo is a non-invasive procedure that can be done in the surgeon’s office under local anesthesia. It begins with the injection of a numbing solution, after this the cannula or lipo instrument is used to remove the deep layers of fat. Finally, the laser is introduced below the skin. The laser emits an intense beam of light that breaks down the fat cells, and liquefies the fat. It does this without harming surrounding tissue.

Laser lipo can be performed on both the face and body. Surgeons in Washington DC often use it to treat the neck and chin. It can also be used to tone the arms, tummy, flanks, thighs and hips, and get rid of excess fat in the breasts.

After laser lipo, patients in Washington D.C. are generally very satisfied with their results. Many of them are happy that they have a more balanced figure, which looksvery natural. The results with laser lipo are a lot smoother and more contoured, as the laser completely melts away the fat cells.

Non-Invasive Lipo Options in Irvine

The demand for body contouring treatments is on the rise in the US, but more people are choosing non-surgical lipo options over traditional lipo. These non-invasive lipo treatments are available in Irvine and other parts of California, where physicians strive to keep abreast of the latest lipo techniques. Men and women are turning to these options to remove excess fat from areas places like the abdomen, knees, upper arms, and thighs.

Why non-invasive lipo is in demand

Non-invasive lipo has become popular because many people simply don’t want to go under the knife. People want a sleeker, slimmer body but they would rather not have to endure the pain and long downtime associated with conventional plastic surgery. That’s one reason why non-invasive body contouring options are now in demand.

Non-surgical methods for removing fat have also helped to make liposuction available to more people. In addition, these technologies are safe enough to be used on all parts of the face and body, even small areas like the chin. Non-invasive lipo makes it easier to remove fat safely and effectively, in a short time.

About i-Lipo

i-Lipo is an advanced body contouring treatment that melts fat and inches, tightens the skin, and reduces bothersome cellulite in just 20 minutes. Body contouring lasers like i-Lipo work by penetrating the skin with thermal energy that breaks up the fat cells, forcing out the fat deposits.

The thermal energy from the laser targets the fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissue, and this contributes to the faster healing time. Several treatments are usually required for best results.

Benefits of i-Lipo

i-Lipo is patient friendly. It is a risk free, pain free, body contouring solution that requires no needles and no downtime. This makes it very appealing to individuals who want to lose inches without surgery.

i-Lipo sculpts and tightens the skin. After traditional lipo the skin may sag when all the fat gone, not so with i-Lipo, because it effectively tightens the skin. The laser energy of the i-Lipo laser not only trims fat, but it also stimulates collagen and encourages cell renewal. Collagen is a vital skin protein that helps to bolster skin structure and keep it tight. As more collagen is produced, the skin becomes firmer over time.

Non-invasive body contouring options in Irvine satisfy the demand for fast and convenient body sculpting techniques. The lasers are able to easily liquefy and eliminate the localized areas of fat, making it possible for patients to quickly resume regular activities.