Stop Hair Loss With Neograft Hair Transplant Surgery

After Hair Transplant

If you have a balding crown and you want to take control of your hair, then you can restore its natural health and beauty with NeoGraft hair transplant surgery. Hair loss can cause low self-esteem and serious emotional damage, so innovations like the NeoGraft hair restoration system that can restore natural looking tresses and also boost self-confidence, are definitely in demand.

What is NeoGraft?

NeoGraft is an advanced hair transplantation method for both men and women that can bring back luscious locks. The NeoGraft system automates the follicular unit extraction or FUE hair transplanting technique. NeoGraft vacuums individual follicles from the donor site which is usually at the back of the head, and then transplants them into those areas of the scalp where there is thinning hair.

NeoGraft requires the use of local anesthesia only, and patients experience only minimal discomfort. It is a safe hair transplant alternative with fewer complications than the traditional strip hair transplant method. In addition, the healing time is faster and the procedure is less invasive. Also, since a scalpel is not used, there is no scar, which is a huge advantage for the NeoGraft system.

What to Expect

The hair follicles that are transplanted will steadily start to grow, thicken,and fill in existing bald spots. In some cases it can take as long as 1 year to see the final results of surgery. With NeoGraft, patients can expect to have between 80 to 85% of regrowth.

For the approximately 60mil men and women in the US affected by hair loss, finding a cure is not only about looking better, but it’s also about feeling better. If you are in the San Francisco or its environs, then you can contact the experts at Serenity Med Spa for consultation on the NeoGraft hair transplant surgery.