Chin Augmentation

How can I improve a weak chin?

If you have a weak chin that you don’t like one bit, chances are you may be wondering – How can I improve a weak chin? If you do, there are several chin enhancement options that can fix the problem for you. Do you have a weak chin? Having a chin that’s the right size […]

Does a non-surgical chin enhancement last?

Are you looking for a minimally invasive way to correct your weak, recessed chin and perfect your profile without surgery?If you are, non-surgical chin augmentation may be the right choice for you, as it can dramatically add definition and balance to the chin. But how does it work, and how long does a non-surgical chin […]

Will I need another surgical procedure if I want my chin implant removed?

Within the last decade there has been an overwhelming increase in the patients seeking chin implants. More and more people are becoming aware of how the chin and jawline can impact facial harmony. But despite the popularity, some people are not happy with their chin augmentation, so one important question patients should consider is – […]

Brea Chin Implant Surgery Can Create a Well-Defined Chin

Within the last 5 years the demand for chin implants have surged significantly all across the US. This phenomenon can also be seen in Brea and other parts of Orange County, where chin implant surgery is growing in popularity. But what is chin augmentation, and what are some of reasons for its fast growth? Chin […]