How Much Does An Eyelid Lift Cost In Myrtle Beach?

How Much Does An Eyelid Lift Cost In Myrtle Beach?

If you have decided to have eyelid surgery to reverse the signs of aging around your eyes, you’re probably anxious to know how much it will cost. Knowing the cost early will help you put the necessary financing in place to pay for the procedure. So one of the first questions you need to ask your plastic surgeon is – How much does an eyelid lift cost.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a procedure that is done to address sagging in the upper eyelids, which is associated with aging. It also treats bags and excess skin under the eyes. Eyelid surgery refreshes the face and restores a youthful appearance. The incisions for surgery are made along the natural crease of the eyelids, to gain access to the excess skin and fat.

How Much Does An Eyelid Lift Cost In Myrtle Beach?

The cost of eyelid surgery will vary depending on the specific treatment goals of the patient. During your initial consultation, the plastic surgeon will evaluate your eyelids and provide a cost estimate based on the treatment plan.

The cost of eyelid surgery in Myrtle Beach, SC is usually between $3,000 and $8,000. However, there may be cost variations. Costs may differ based on the skill and experience of the surgeon, and the complexity of the procedure. There may also be related expenses for anesthesia and the operating facility, so it’s important to verify these with your plastic surgeon.

Patients should consult with at least 3 experienced board certified plastic surgeons before making a decision about surgery.

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How longis recovery from an Eyelid Lift?

Excess skin and fat on the upper eyelids can make the eyelids heavy and puffy, resulting in an aged appearance. But an eyelid lift can refresh the eyes and create a more youthful appearance. But what is the procedure like and how long is recovery from an eyelid lift

About eyelid surgery
Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is done to rejuvenate the eyes by removing extra skin and fat from the eyelids. The procedure is often performed on both the upper and lower eyelids.

Blepharoplasty is an outpatient procedure that may be done under general or local anesthesia. The incision for the upper eyelid is usually made within the natural fold of the eye, and the surgeon will remove the extra skin and tighten the underlying muscles. For the lower eyelid, an incision is made just beneath the lower lashes, and the loose skin and fat is then removed. The incisions for eyelid surgery are typically well-hidden, so there are no scars.

How long is recovery from an eyelid lift?
After eyelid surgery there is generally some swelling, bruising, and redness around the eyes. These symptoms can last up to 2 weeks. Most patients are able to resume reading within 2-3 days, and return to work after about 7 days. However, all strenuous activity should be avoided for at least 3 weeks.

Recovery times vary, so everyone’s experience may not fit within this timeline, thereforepatients should follow the post-operative instructions of their plastic surgeon.

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What is a natural eyelid lift?

upper eyelid lift vs brow lift

If you have loose, saggy skin around the eyes or bags below them, you can certainly benefit from a natural eyelid lift. Rejuvenating the eyes will make you look younger and refreshed. But what is a natural eyelid lift, and how does it work.

Early eyelid rejuvenation techniques focused on removing skin and fat from the eye area. However, as the understanding of the anatomy of the eyelids has increased, there has been a move towards restoring lost volume to rejuvenate the appearance of aging eyes. That’s where the natural eyelid lift comes in.

What is a natural eyelid lift?
A natural eyelid lift is a fat transfer procedure that utilizes the patient’s own fat to rejuvenate the eyes. The fat for the procedure is harvested from another part of the body that has surplus amounts, such as the abdomen or thighs, and is removed using a specialized cannula (small tube). The fat undergoes a purification process and is then injected into the depressions in the orbital rim, or in the hollowsunder the eyes.

The natural eyelid lift is a safe procedure that provides natural appearing results, because the fat restores youthful fullness to the eyes.

Who is a good candidate?
The natural eyelid lift is ideal for people with mild drooping of the upper eyelids, or fat pockets below the eyes. However, the traditional eyelid lift is recommended for individuals that have a lot of excess skin in the upper eyelids.

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Am I a candidate for a laser eyelid lift (aka Blepharoplasty)?

If you have extra skin around your eyes or dark circles below them, it is possible to rejuvenate your appearance with a laser eyelid lift.Laser eyelid lift is a less invasive procedure than the traditional eyelid lift, but it does produce very good results. Are you wondering if you would be a good candidate for a laser eyelid lift (aka blepharoplasty)? Let’s take a look.

Laser eyelid lift
Most people are familiar with a surgical eyelid lift, but a laser eyelid lift is rather different, because it uses a laser to perform the procedure instead of a scalpel.  Laser eyelid lift is a minimally invasive procedure that can improve the general appearance of the eyes. It can get rid of dark circles beneath the eyes, crow’s feet, and sagging upper eyelid skin.

A laser eyelid lift is an out-patient procedure that is done under local anesthesia. Patients will feel very little discomfort during the treatment, and downtime is minimal.

Am I a candidate for a laser eyelid lift?
If you have excess skin or fatty deposits in the upper eyelids, bags below the eyes, or droopy eyelids, you may be a good candidate for a laser eyelid lift. You should also be in good health, as well as a non-smoker. It is also important that you have realistic expectations about what can be achieved with the eyelid lift.

If you are considering laser eyelid lift contact The Langdon Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery, Guilford, CT to find out more.We would be happy to answer all your questions about the procedure.

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Worried About Scarring & Natural Look if I Have Eyelid Surgery?

Worried About Scarring & Natural Look if I Have Eyelid Surgery?

If your eyes are starting to look droopy and tired, eyelid surgery can make a world of difference to their appearance. But if you’re worried about scarring and achieving a natural look if you have eyelid surgery, you may want to consider a natural eyelid lift. Yes, it is possible to rejuvenate your eyes and improve your overall look, with a natural eyelid lift.

Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)

Traditional eyelid surgery involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the eyelids. It may be done on the upper or lower eyelid, or on both. The incisions for surgery are generally well concealed within the crease of the eyelids, so they are virtually invisible after surgery.

Natural eyelid lift

The procedure is done with the use of fat that has been harvested from an area of the body where it is least required. The fat is extracted by way of liposuction, after which it goes through a purification process, before being grafted into the area around the eyes. Adding fat to the lids makes them fullerand creates a fresher, younger look.

The natural eyelid lift is recommended for individuals with minimal laxity in the skin around the eyes. If you have significant drooping of the upper and lower lids, as well as pockets of fat in the lower lid, a surgical blepharoplasty is recommended.

The natural eye lift is available in Guilford, CT, at the Langdon Center for Laser & Cosmetic Surgery. Call 844-551-9880today to set up a consultation with board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Langdon. Connecticut will assess the appearance of your eyelids, and determine if you would be a good candidate for a natural eyelid lift.

What is the down time for non-surgical “eye rejuvenation” procedures?

treat an eyelid tear trough

Aging eyes are one of the chief complaints people desiring cosmetic surgery have, and their greatest wish is to get rid of their tired eyes and freshen up their look. Eye surgery is often recommended, but people who are hesitant about surgery sometimes choose non-surgical alternatives because of the shorter downtime.   So let’s find out what is the downtime for non-surgical ‘eye rejuvenation’ procedures?

Non-surgical options for eye rejuvenation include laser treatment, injectables, and topical solutions.

  • Laser treatment is particularly effective for resurfacing and tightening the skin around the eyes. Lasers can be used to tighten bags under the eyes, diminish crow’s feet, and also to contour the eyelids and brows. It typically takes 3 to 6 treatments to achieve the best results.
  • Injectables such as botox and dysport are also used to soften wrinkles around the eyes. There are also hyaluronic fillers that can volumize the eye-cheek intersection, and treat tear troughs.
  • Topical solutions formulated with ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins E, A, and C, are particularly effective in minimizing crow’s feet, and eliminating dark circles beneath the eyes.

These non-invasive alternatives have grown increasingly popular because they require no anaesthesia, and also have minimal to no downtime. Patients are therefore able to resume normal activities immediately after treatment. In cases where there is minor swelling or bruising, these symptoms usually resolve very quickly.

These treatment options for eye rejuvenation are available at the Fountain of Youth Med Spa, Victoria, Texas. Why not call (361) 576-9100 today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Nhi Le.  During consultation Dr. Le will recommended the best option for you, and also talk to you about the downtime for your non-surgical eye rejuvenation procedure.

Reducing lines and wrinkles is the key to younger looking eyes

Reducing lines and wrinkles is the key to younger looking eyes

If the lines around your eyes are giving your age away, you can reverse the signs of aging and rejuvenate your eyes with laser skin resurfacing. Reducing those lines and wrinkles is an important key to achieving younger looking eyes. The Mixto fractional laser treatment is an effective way to resurface and tighten the skin, and refresh the eyes.

Mixto fractional laser eye treatment

The Mixto laser utilizes fractional CO2 laser technology to tighten the skin. The laser works by creating a series of microscopic injury points in the skin. The heat damage made by the laser tightens the skin, and also stimulates collagen, so that tightening occurs in the long term. The healthy cells that remain after treatment act as a stimulus for healing, helping to expedite the recovery process.

The Mixto laser offers greater treatment flexibility, as it allows physicians to adjust the depth of penetration, as well as the amount of heat delivery. This makes it very effective in treating delicate areas around the eyes, as physicians can precisely regulate how deep they need to go, and the how much energy needs to be delivered to the tissues.

After treatment, patients will notice a significant reduction in the fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area. The Mixto laser has a minimum downtime and few risks.

Mixto laser Treatment in Atlanta metro

Mixto fractional laser treatment is available at Cobb Wellness & Aesthetics in Roswell, GA. Dr. Linda Kelly sometimes combines the Mixto laser therapy with Botox, in order to make the results last longer.

If you’d like to reduce those telltale wrinkles around the eyes, give Cobb Wellness & Aesthetics a call at (770) 649-0094.  Dr. Kelley will review your aesthetic goals and customize a treatment program that can give you the younger looking eyes you desire.

How does the laser eyelid lift work, and how effective is it?

Reducing lines and wrinkles is the key to younger looking eyes

If you have sagging eyelids that are making you look older than you feel, you may want to consider an eyelid lift to refresh your appearance. The eyelid lift or blepharoplasty gets rid of any extra skin on the upper eyelids. Laser technology has led to advancements in eyelid surgery, making the operation more precise. But how does the laser eyelid lift work, and how effective is it.

Laser Eyelid Lift

The procedure incorporates the use of a laser to perform the eyelid lift. The procedure is usually done in office using either a local anesthetic with sedation, or general anesthesia.

Laser technology improves the accuracy of the operation, and also reduces bruising, making the recovery time much shorter. The laser also seals the blood vessels, so there is very little bleeding (learn more).

How it works

The intense beam of laser light is focused on the specific areas of the eyelid and ablates the old, damaged skin tissue. The laser action also tightens up loose skin around the eyelids.

Who is a good candidate?

If excess skin is hiding the natural folds of your upper eyelids, or your vision is impaired because of loose skin on the eyelids, you may be a good candidate for laser eyelid surgery. The operation gets rid of the excess skin, and improves deep creases, to create a much younger appearance.

The Laser eyelid lift is available at the Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center, CA. Please call (510) 724-8282 for the Pinole, East Bay office, or (415) 461-5755 for the Larkspur, South Bay office, for a consultation with Dr. Armen Serebrakian. During the consultation you will learn more about the laser eyelid lift, and find out if the procedure is right for you.

Pompano Beach Eyelid Reconstruction Techniques

Eyelid Reconstruction

Growths on the eyelids that turn out to be cancerous, are usually treated with Mohs Surgery. Mohs surgery is the most advanced treatment for the correction of skin cancer. However, there are cases in which the removal of the cancerous mole or growth, often causes scars that extend throughout the entire eyelid. In Pompano Beach  eyelid reconstruction is often required to remove eyelids scars after surgery.

About Eyelid Reconstruction
Eyelid reconstruction focuses on functional and structural reconstruction. It repairs the defects caused by Mohs surgery, and ensures that the eyelids are restored to optimal functionality.

In order to successfully perform eyelid reconstruction surgery, doctors should have an intimate knowledge of the anatomy of the eyelid, as well as a thorough understanding of the reconstructive options. The procedure is done to eliminate the scarring that may occur after Mohs surgery, in order to restore functionality to the eyelids, and enhance appearance.

There are different surgical techniques that can be used for eyelid reconstruction. The choice often depends on the severity of the defect, as well as the portion of the eyelid that requires treatment.

Advancement Flap Reconstruction
Advancement flap reconstruction is one of the most advanced surgical techniques. It is normally performed in order to reduce existing marks on the eyelids. Advancement flaps are also beneficial, because they assist in preventing the abnormal positioning of the eyelids, which often occurs after Mohs surgery.

If you are in the Pompano Beach, Boca Raton,or the greater Fort Lauderdale area, then you can learn more about eyelid reconstruction by contacting the Center for Ophthalmology and Laser Center in Lighthouse Point, FL.  You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael Loeffler to learn more. Why not visit the website at, or callthe office at 954-786-5353.

Alternative ways toTreat an eyelid tear trough

treat an eyelid tear trough

If sunken tear troughs have left you struggling to find natural ways to banish them and rejuvenate your face, you may want to consider other alternatives.  Tear troughs are a tough problem, but you can treat an eyelid tear trough with temporary or permanent solutions, it all depends on how old you are, as well as the severity of the problem.

About Sunken Tear troughs

Tear troughs are those areas of depression in the undereye areathat extend out from the nose. They often become more prominent as you age, because of the increased sagging of the skin, which can  make you look exhausted. Tear troughs are often the result of weight loss, but can also be due to genetics or poor lifestyle choices, such as too much alcohol and/or caffeine.

Treating tear troughs

A temporary fix using hyaluronic fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm,is typically recommended for younger patients, since they have limited lower eyelid swelling and skin laxity. Fillers plump up hollows, so that the area is well-disguised. The effects of the fillers can last from 3 to 5 months, so the injections will have to be repeated, in order to maintain the results.

Surgery is usually recommended for older patients who usually have deeper tear troughs, and significant skin laxity. A lower eyelid lift or lower blepharoplasty in which the fat under the eyelid is repositioned, is often performed in order to cover the depression, and improve the tear trough.

Since the area around the eye is so very sensitive, and the skin is thin, patients should seek surgeons with considerable experience in plastic surgery to treat an eyelid tear trough. If you need more information, then you can set up a consultation with Frederic Corbin, MD about your options. Dr. Corbin practices in Beverly Hills, CA and Brea, CA. You can contact him at