Does the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure involve liposuction?

safe brazilian butt lift

More women in the US are now electing to undergo a Brazilian butt lift, in order to improve the shape and size of their posterior.  The procedure is considered a safer alternative to butt implants, as the complications are minimal, and the results are very good. But does the Brazilian butt lift procedure involve liposuction?

What is the Brazilian butt lift?

The Brazilian butt lift is an operation that uses fatty tissue to augment the buttocks. The fat is first harvested from selected parts of the body, and then transferred to the butt. Fatty tissue used in the procedure is commonly taken from the thighs, stomach, and ‘love handles.’

Does the Brazilian Butt Lift involve liposuction?

Yes it does. Liposuction is the first procedure that is performed during a Brazilian Butt lift.  The fat is removed from the donor area via traditional liposuction, which uses a suction along with special cannulas. Liposuction contours the body and improves the figure, to give you a more attractive figure overall (click here).

The Procedure

The cannulas are used to break up the pockets of fat, which is then suctioned from the body. The extracted fat is processed and purified, before being re-injected in the buttocks. The injections generally target the upper quadrant of the buttocks, in order to achieve a perky, lifted look.

The benefits of the Brazilian butt lift are two-fold, it gives you a curvier butt, but it also contours the parts of the body from which fat is removed.

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