Brea Chin Implant Surgery Can Create a Well-Defined Chin

Within the last 5 years the demand for chin implants have surged significantly all across the US. This phenomenon can also be seen in Brea and other parts of Orange County, where chin implant surgery is growing in popularity. But what is chin augmentation, and what are some of reasons for its fast growth?

Chin Augmentation – What exactly is it?

Chin augmentation or chin implant surgery is a surgical cosmetic procedure that is performed to reshape the chin and increase its size. It alters the width and height of the chin, and it some cases the projection as well. This is all done to improve overall facial harmony. A prominent well-balanced chin is a desirable feature, and when the chin is relatively small in comparison to the other facial features, surgeons in Brea may recommend a chin implant to create better proportion.

Why is Chin Implant Surgery so popular?

Some medical experts believe that the growing demand for chin implants has been fueled in part by the prevalence of video chatting. They think that because more people spend a lot of time looking at themselves online from different angles, they have become more conscious of perceived imperfections in their image.

In addition, some people have always felt self-conscious about their chin, and think it is weak and unflattering. However, the ease and affordability of cosmetic surgery has given many of them the confidence to come forward, and have chin augmentation.

Chin implantation is popular among the young and old. The 20-somethings are doing it to strengthen their profile and add definition to their chin, while the older set are doing it counter the effects of aging on the lower half of the face.

Chin Implant surgery

Chin augmentation can be done under local or general anesthesia. The incisions can be made in the mouth, or under the chin on the outside of the skin. The location of the incision will be discussed during consultations with your plastic surgeon. The implant is placed in a pocket made to accommodate it.

After surgery patients can expect to feel some level of discomfort, as there will be minor swelling and bruising in the area of the incision. The swelling may persist for up to 2 weeks, but should subside after that time.

Although chin augmentation is a low risk procedure, complications may occur. Therefore it is important to ask your plastic surgeon in Brea about all the possible risks of chin implant surgery, before opting to undergo the procedure.