Can aCheek Augmentation Help Redefine My Face?

Can aCheek Augmentation Help Redefine My Face?

Is the skin on your face starting to sag and droop? Droopy facial features occur with age due to the loss of fat in key areas, which causes the skin to shift downward. Cheek augmentation is often recommended to replace volume in the cheeks, and restore youthful contours. But can a cheek augmentation help redefine your face.

Cheek augmentation
Cheek augmentation is a procedure that makes the cheeks fuller and more prominent. This can be done surgically with the use of implants, or non-surgically with dermal fillers.

Surgical cheek augmentation is a long-lasting procedure, whereas dermal fillers typically last 9-18 months. Therefore,patients that augment their cheeks with fillers will have to undergo repeat treatments to maintain results.

Determining the most appropriate cheek augmentation method will depend on the aesthetic goals of the patient. However, non-surgical cheek augmentation may be more suitable for patients that are not yet ready for a long-term solution.

Can a Cheek Augmentation Help Redefine My Face?
Yes, a cheek augmentation can redefine your face because it enhances the cheeks and mid-face area. When the cheeks lack volume, the face looks old and undefined.

Cheek augmentation addresses loss of volume in the cheeks, which is commonly due to aging or weight loss. Since much of the curvature of the face is in the mid-face, plump, lifted cheeks redefine the face, and improve facial contours and proportions.

When the cheeks are given the emphasis they deserve, all the other features of the face will look lifted and more youthful.

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