Do chemical peels only work on certain skin types?

Would you like clearer, brighter, more youthful skin? A chemical peel may be the answer. Chemical peels not only make your skin beautiful, they also help your skin care products work better.  But do chemical peels only work on certain skin types.

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels rejuvenate the skin by using a specific acid to exfoliate the outer skin layer. Peels are generally used on the face and neck, as well as the hands.

Chemical peels are a great way to maintain the health of your skin, and can also be used to treat a range of skin concerns including wrinkles, sagging skin, scars, and sun damage. They also allow skin care products to easily penetrate to the deeper levels of the skin.

Do chemical peels only work on certain skin types?
There are different kinds of chemical peels, with the main types being superficial, medium, and deep peels. Deep peels are the most aggressive.The choice of peel will depend on your skin type, as well as your aesthetic goals.

Chemical peels are beneficial for most skin types, including sensitive skin. However, some peels do not produce very good results on dark-skinned individuals.

Chemical Peels in Greater Atlanta
At Skin Cancer Specialists, P. C. & Aesthetic Center located in the greater Atlanta metro area, we offer the high quality Vitalize and Rejuvenizepeels by SkinMedica to our clients.

The Vitalize peel can be used on all skin types, but Rejuvenize is recommended for Fitzpatrick Skin Types V – VI, because it is a stronger peel.

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