How to maintain healthy skin in the dry winter months

How to maintain healthy skin in the winter

Winter often brings single digit temperature and high wind gusts that wreak havoc on the skin. These conditions cause many people to grapple with how best to maintain healthy skin in the winter. If the winter weather is getting you down because your skin is dull and dry, then try out these tips to get it looking beautiful again.

During the winter many people experience dry, itchy, skin, because the skin loses moisture. It’s therefore important to maintain healthy skin by keeping it moisturized and protected.

How to add moisture to your skin in winter:

  • Use a thick moisturizer that can give you the extra hydration your skin needs to combat the dry air. Thicker moisturizers last longer, and provide more protection. If you have an existing problem such as eczema, it can also help to reduce the incidences of flare-ups.
  • Get a humidifier for your home to help put back moisture in the air. This is a great way to counterbalance the heating systems that cause your skin to dry out.

How to protect your skin in winter:

  • Use sunblock. Sunscreen protection is just as necessary in winter, as the skin is also susceptible to the sun’s UV radiation. Be sure to use a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.
  • Cover-up by protecting your face with sunglasses or goggles, and wearing gloves to protect the hands.

In addition, you should also seek professional skin care in winter. Cosmetic treatments such as chemical peels and facials also help to keep the skin beautiful.

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