Why choose a non-surgical neck lift

non-surgical Neck Lift

If your face looks tight and taut, but you have loose, sagging skin on your neck, then you can still end up looking older than you are. A neck lift is the ideal solution for lax neck skin, but if you would rather not undergo surgery, then you can choose to have a non-surgical neck lift.

At the Sona Med Spa in Little Rock  (click here) and Memphis, the staff is committed to using advanced technology to provide patients with excellent results. In this regard, they utilize the cutting-edge Accent XL to perform a non-surgical neck lift, as well as other skin tightening procedures on various parts of the face and body.

Accent XL
The Accent XL is FDA cleared for skin tightening and skin toning. The device utilizesboth bipolar and unipolar radiofrequency technology. It is very effective in tightening saggy skin, including the loose skin on the neck. The dual RF modes of the Accent XL offer maximum skin tightening, as they work simultaneously to penetrate both the superficial and deep layersof the skin.

The Accent XL also stimulates the skin cells, and promotes collagen production. Collagen is an important protein in the skin that holds it together, and makes it tighter. There will be a noticeable improvement in the texture of the skin after treatment, and as more collagen forms, the tightness of the skin will improve in the following weeks.

Treatment with the Accent XL takes about 30 to 50 minutes. There is minimal pain, and the cooling tip reduces any discomfort. Typically it takes about 4-6 treatments to achieve the desired outcomes.  The treatment requires no anesthesia, and the recovery time is short.

A non-surgical neck lift is a safe, less invasive way to shrink your neck without having to go under the knife.