What is Alastin? How is it different?

Nowadays, there are a host of skin care products on the market all promising to refresh and invigorate the skin, but Alastin skin care products have delivered impressive results in a short time. But what exactly is Alastin, and how is it different.

What is Alastin?
Alastin is a range of skin care products that are specially formulated to restore the natural beauty and vibrancy of the skin. Alastin topical skin care products help rejuvenate the skin from within, and are very easy to use.

Alastin skin repair elixirs are ideal for dry, sensitive skin, and are also useful for accelerating healing after cosmetic procedures such as microneedling, and laser skin resurfacing.

How is Alastin different
Alastin is considered a breakthrough in skin care, becauseit uses the innovative TriHex technology. TriHex technology consists of peptides that penetrate the skin, and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which are important structural skin proteins.

TriHex Technology works by boosting the natural enzymes in the skin that help toeliminate older elastin and collagen that are no longer functioning properly. This ability is what makes Alastin so unique.

Lines and wrinkles are a sign of the breakdown of the proteins in the skin, which causes the skin to lose the ability to heal and repair itself. When Alastin clears away these damaged proteins, the skin is better able to renew itself, and the result is skin that looks and feels better, and is also healthier.

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