What Is The Best Way To Get Rid of Man Boobs?

Although enlarged breasts in males, aka ‘man boobs’ isn’t a serious condition, some men find it very difficult to deal with. They are often embarrassed by the condition and have a poor body image, but fortunately the problem can be fixed. But what is the best way to get rid of man boobs.

What causes man boobs?

Man boobs typically occur as a consequence of hormonal changes that affect boys during puberty. These changes are linked to an imbalance in the hormones testosterone and estrogen, which causes the breast tissue to swell. The condition is known medically as gynecomastia, and while it often goes away on its own, it can persist into adulthood.

What is the best way to get rid of man boobs?

Gynecomastia surgery or male breast reduction surgery is the best way to get rid of man boobs. Male breast reduction surgery involves removing excess glandular tissue and fat that is responsible for the large size of the breasts. After surgery the breast will be noticeably flatter and firmer.

What happens during gynecomastia surgery?

The specific technique used to treat gynecomastia will vary depending on whether the patient has excess glandular tissue, fat, or both. The glandular tissue is excised from the breast, whereas liposuction is used to remove the excess fat.

Am I a good candidate for gynecomastia surgery?

If you have male boobs that you are struggling to deal with and you are in good health, you may be a good candidate for gynecomastia surgery.

Would you like to learn more about gynecomastia surgery for male boobs?

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