How Long Does the Coolsculpting Procedure Last and How Many Treatments Are Needed?

You can’t always exercise away that extra bodyfat, but you can freeze it away with CoolSculptingfat reduction treatment. If you need to get rid of those annoying love handles, or that bothersome muffin top,CoolSculpting may be a great option for you. But how long does the CoolSculpting procedure last, and how many treatments are needed.

What is CoolSculpting?
CoolSculpting is a revolutionary technology that uses controlled cooling to get rid of stubborn fat. The non-surgical procedure freezes and destroys the fat cells below the surface of the skin. It does this without affecting the surrounding tissues.  CoolSculpting is FDA cleared to treat fat on the belly, back, arms, thighs, below the bra, and under the chin.

How long does the procedure last?
The time the CoolSculpting procedure lasts depends on the number of areas being treated, as well as the number of machines being used. It typically takes one hour to treat a single area, such as the abdomen.

How many treatments are needed?
The number of treatments required will depend on the preferredcircumferential reduction. However, most patients achieve their desired results after 2 treatment sessions.

What to expect
There is generally some bruising and swelling after the procedure, but this usually resolves within a few days. There is no downtime after CoolSculpting, so you can return to normal activities immediately. You can expect to see fat reduction of 20-25% in one treatment.

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Do you have to have a certain skin type to have a chemical peel?

If your skin is dull and dry, or if you suffer from acne scarring or sun damage, a chemical peel can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin, and leave it looking healthier and younger.  But do you have to have a certain skin type to have a chemical peel, or can it work for anyone?

Chemical peels
A chemical peel is a skin rejuvenation procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin, to exfoliate the outer layers. The solution is allowed to sit for a few minutes, and the old skin will eventually peel away, leaving fresh, new skin in its place.

Chemical peels are available in varying strengths,superficial, medium, and deep. The best peel for you will depend on the condition of your skin, and your specific skin concerns.

What can they treat?
Chemical peels can treat a range of skin conditions including acne scarring, sun damage, and wrinkles and fine lines.

Can chemical peels benefit all skin types?
Almost all skin types can benefit from a chemical peel, including sensitive skin. However, it is always advisable to consult with a dermatologist to find out if a chemical peel is right for you.

The dermatologist will conduct a thorough examination of your skin, and also ask you questions about your skin history, to find out if you’ve had poor skin healing or other troubling issues in the past. That evaluation will determine if a chemical peel treatment would be appropriate for you.

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What is the most effective treatment for vascular lesions on the face?

Do you have vascular lesions that you’d like to remove?  You’ll be happy to know that treatment options for vascular lesions have greatly improved in recent years, but they don’t all work the same. Laser and light are the most commonly used modalities,but what is the most effective treatment for vascular lesions on the face, is it laser or light therapy.

What are vascular lesions?
Vascular lesions are blood vessels that have become enlarged, or form as a result of the accumulation of a large number of blood vessels beneath the skin. They may occur in various shapes, sizes, and forms. Common vascular lesions of the face include telangiectasia (spider veins), hemangiomas, and port wine stains.

Treating vascular lesions
Vascular lesions are popularly treated using laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. At Illuminate Plastic Surgery, Palo Alto, CA, we use advanced IPL systems to treat vascular lesions on the face.

IPL systems emit a broad wavelength of polychromatic light, so they deliver several wavelengths of color. The systems often use filters to refine the energy output, and improve the penetration of the light.

IPL is very effective as it works by selectively targeting chromophores (cells with color) in the vascular lesions. The light energy is easily absorbed, and it heats and coagulates the target.  The treatment is generally very tolerable, and the results are comparable to those achieved with most laser systems.

Smaller spots will disappear with one treatment, but larger spots and veins will require additional treatments.

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How many Kybella treatments do I need to see results?

Are you ready to trim your double chin, but don’t want to go under the knife? You can now fix that dreaded turkey neck with Kybella. Kybella is a quick and easy treatment that takes only 15 minutes to perform, and there is minimal pain and downtime. This treatment sound so good, you’re probably wondering – How many Kybella treatments do I need to see results.

What is Kybella?
Kybella is a non-invasive injectable treatment derived from deoxycholic acid, and is specially formulated to melt away unwanted submental fat (fat below the chin).

Kybella Treatment
Deoxycholic acid is a fat burning molecule that can be found naturally in the body. Kybella works by breaking up the walls of the fat cells, causing them to die. Prior to injecting fat below the chin, the physician will numb the area.

There will be some swelling after the procedure, and this can take up to 2 weeks to fully resolve. Most patients will experience impressive results with Kybella, as it creates a significant reduction in the amount of fat under their chin. Best of all, the fat cells that are destroyed are gone for good.

How many Kybella treatments do I need to see results?
It usually takes a series of 2-3Kybella injections to see optimal results. A single session will consist of several small injections being made into the region below the chin. Treatment sessions are spaced about 4-6 weeks apart. Kybella improves the definition of the chin, and also transforms the appearance of the neck.

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What is Accent XL Laser For Body Contouring?

Lasers make it possible to contour the body without surgery, pain, or downtime. There are several technologies now being used for shaping the body, including the revolutionary Accent XL. But what is Accent XL laser for body contouring.

Accent XL laser for body contouring
The Accent XL laser is a body contouring device that uses radio frequency energy to tone and tighten the skin. It gets rid of unwanted pockets of fat, and leaves the skin smoother and firmer.

How does it work?
The radiofrequency waves of the Accent XL generate heat, which melts the fat and also stimulates collagen. The device has cooled tips that deliver continuous contact cooling for patient comfort. In addition, regular temperature checks are made during the procedure to verify that the treatment area is being heated correctly, and the RF energy is being transmitted uniformly.

The Accent XL difference
Accent XL boasts unique unipolar and bipolar handpieces that each has a distinctive role. The unipolar handpiece penetrates deeply, to tighten underlying tissues and promote collagen production. This makes it very effective against cellulite. The bipolar handpiece is beneficial for tightening the skin’s superficial layers.

How many treatments will you need?
It usually takes a series of 4 to 6 treatments with Accent XL to achieve optimal results. Improvements will be visible immediately after treatment, and will continue in the weeks to come, as more collagen is produced.

Where can it be used?
Accent XL can be used on the face and neck, to combat signs of facial aging, and also on other parts of the body such as the thighs, abdomen, and arms.

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What can botox be used for besides wrinkles?

Everyone knows that botox is great for furrows and deep lines, but what can botox be used for besides wrinkles. Before botox made its way into the cosmetics industry, it was used for several medical conditions, so it has wide ranging applications.This article takes a look at some of the more popular

Botox is an injection medication that has been around since the 1960’s. Although it is regularly used to smooth wrinkles,it can also be used to treat the following:

Crossed eyes (strabismus)
When botox was first developed in the 1960’s it was used to correct crossed eyes. Crossed eyes is a condition that is usually caused by weak eye muscles. Botox helps crossed eyes by interrupting the way the nerve interacts with the muscles of the eyes. The stronger muscle is injected and botox helps to relax it, giving the weaker muscle a chance to strengthen.

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating)
Botox is FDA cleared to treat severe underarm sweating. Botox works to alleviate underarm sweating, by blocking the release of the chemical responsible for stimulating the sweat glands. It is often recommended for people over the age of 18 that have not experienced success using conventional treatment options. The results last 4-5 months.

Migraine Headaches
Botox can also be used to relieve chronic migraines, as it prevents headaches before they start. Treatment typically consists of 2 treatments spaced about 12 weeks apart. The injections are made around the head and neck, and each treatment takes about 15 minutes. Botox is administered using an ultra-fine needle, so any discomfort is minimal.

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How is Kybella different from Chin Liposuction?

Excess fat under the chin, often referred to as a double chin, can be unattractive and makeyou look older than you are. Most people know that chin liposuction can be used to address fullness below the chin, but Kybella is now making its mark as a very effective alternative. How is Kybella different from chin liposuction?

Kybella is a minimally invasive treatment for submental fullness that was recently cleared by the FDA. Deoxycholic acid is the active ingredient in Kybella, and it is a fat-absorbing substance that is naturally present in the body. Kybella only targets the fat cells, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. It works best for people with minimal skin laxity, because it does not tighten the skin.

  • How is Kybella different from chin liposuction?
    Kybella is a non-surgical fix for fat below the chin.  Treatment consists of a series of injections that are placed into the fat below the chin. There is no anesthesia and no incisions.
  • Kybella dissolves the fat in a series of treatments, and the fat is then cleared from the body by the natural elimination process. Chin lipo involves using a cannula to break up the fat, and it is then sucked out with a suction device.
  • The downtime with Kybella is minimal. There is generally some swelling and redness after Kybella injections, but this usually resolves within 2 days.  Chin lipo requires 2-3   weeks of recovery.
  • Kybella requires 4-6 treatment sessions, while chin lipo is done in a single treatment.

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What is a Tummy Tuck alternative?

If you have excess skin around the bellybutton, and you dream of having a tighter, tauter tummy, a traditional tummy tuck isn’t your only answer.  You can try a tummy tuck alternative. But what exactly is a tummy tuck alternative and how does it work.

Traditional Tummy tuck
For the traditional tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, an incision is made above the pubic area, and thescars are usually hidden in the bikini line. The excess skin is removed, and the abdominal muscles are tightened to correct the spreading of the muscles. The belly button is also repositioned, and liposuction is performed as required.

Tummy tuck alternative
A tummy tuck alternative is a procedure that will get rid of excess skin and reshape the tummy, without surgery or incisions.

At Nowak Aesthetics, in Chula Vista, CA, we offer ThermaLipo as the tummy tuck alternative. In just 45 minutes you can get rid of excess, sagging skin, and reshape your body.

ThermaLipo is a completely non-invasive treatment that uses bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to tighten the skin, and contour your tummy. It is a safe and effective tool that delivers excellent results.

How it works
The applicator transmits RF energy that heats the deep tissues of the skin. As the tissue heats up, blood circulation is improved, and this leads to the drainage of fatty deposits, which reduces the volume of the fat cells. It also stimulates the collagen fibers in the skin, which contributes to the formation of firmer skin.

Are you a good candidate?
Healthy individuals with minimal skin laxity respond better to ThermaLipo. The procedure does not tighten the abdominal muscles.

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How is Laser Liposuction different from surgical Liposuction?

Liposuction is one of the most common surgical procedures performed throughout the world each year. There was a time when surgical liposuction was the only option, but now there are a number of laser technologies being used to eliminate undesirable fat, and contour the body. But how is laser liposuction different from surgical liposuction.


Liposuction is a body sculpting procedure that targets areas of fat deposits, which are often resistant to diet and exercise. During the procedure the fatty tissue is removed.

Liposuction can be done almost anywhere on the body including the abdomen, thighs, love handles, arms, back, chin, and neck.

Laser Liposuction vs Surgical Liposuction

One of the major differences between laser lipo and surgical lipo, relates to the treatment of the fatty deposits beneath the skin.

With traditional liposuction, incisions are made through which a cannula or small tube is inserted. The cannula is moved back and forth in order to break up the fat, which is then suctioned out.

With laser lipo, the laser fibre is inserted under the skin through tiny incisions. The laser melts the fatty deposits, and the liquid is then suctioned from the body.


At Medicetics Skin Clinic, London, we offer our clients another body contouring option known as CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting reduces fat by freezing the fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated by the body.

CoolSculpting is a safe and effective procedure that requires no anaesthesia or downtime, and it leaves no scars. It is a virtually painless treatment that can be done in one hour.

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How Long aftermale breast reductiondoes it take for Nipple Swelling to go down and Return to Normal Size?

Nowadays, more men are choosing to undergo breast reduction to deal with the embarrassing problem of gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts. Gynecomastia may be due to several factors including hormonal imbalances, and certain medications.  Breast reduction is a simple procedure, but there is some post-op swelling to deal with. How long after male breast reduction does it take for nipple swelling to go down and return to normal size?

Male breast reduction Surgery
Breast reduction surgery is an outpatient procedure that may involve liposuction,direct excision, or a combination of both. If the enlarged male breasts are the result of too much fatty tissue, liposuction is done to remove the excess fat. However, if the problem is largely due to surplus glandular tissue then the surplus tissue is excised. Patients should be at a stable weight before considering breast reduction surgery.

How long does nipple swelling take to go down?
Bruising and swelling is normal after male breast reduction surgery, and the nipples may lookeven bigger after the stitches are removed. The bruising can take 3-4 weeks to resolve, but the swelling may take longer. A compression garment is usually worn after surgery to help minimize the swelling. Despite this, it can take up to 6 months before the swelling of the nipples goes down completely.

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